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The Benefits of a Prejudice and Discrimination Free society

            For many years, human beings lived simultaneously upon the planet earth, separated by color, culture, and beliefs. Prejudice and discrimination came into play based on separation of these groups. Unreasonable opinions, predilections, or prejudgments without sufficient knowledge applied to anyone define prejudice. However, discrimination is the unfair treatment of a person or group based on prejudice. It is the cognitive process of perceiving differences between two or more stimuli. Prejudice and discrimination are multifaceted problems in today's society. Such detestation and unfair treatment created much of the world's history and thus provoking future devious events. The absence of prejudice and discrimination in this world would provoke worldwide peace, the end of ruthless wars, and many crimes. In addition, the absence of discrimination and prejudice assures equality to all. Finally, slavery and poverty would end if these terms did not exist.
             To begin, the cause of numerous negative consequences in society is due to prejudice. The misapprehension of people leads to stereotyping certain groups, cultures, or religions, which can lead to violence in society. For example, many people of a fair complexion stereotype all people of a dark complexion due to the actions of a single individual. The absence of knowledge towards another society, culture, or religion will cause prejudice. Until this very day, combat, mass murders, and other sorts of discrimination occur due to prejudice. As an example, the Israelis and Arabs are still in conflict due to prejudice towards one other based on the lack of knowledge, from both sides, of the other culture. Positive prejudice, another form of prejudice, is not necessarily a decent or respectable fixation. Thus, individuals place a positive nametag on a certain group of people, which, later on, leads to discrimination. For example, a stereotype indicating that Americans are wealthy and prosperous individuals due to the country's status is farfetched.

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