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Gay Adoption

            In society today there is a given "norm" of what a family should and shouldn't be. By the very word family I am referring to a relationship that contains children. The socially accepted version of the family is that there is a mother, a father, and children, not two fathers or mothers. With this being an age when people are supposedly more open-minded, gays are still treated different just because of their sexual orientation. Many Americans are still uncomfortable with the idea of gay parents. The traditional family has always included a mother and a father. However, today more and more families are being headed by gay parents. Some have children from previous marriages. Many must use artificial insemination or surrogate mothers because it is extremely difficult for gays to adopt children. The issues that are being addressed in the following paragraphs are the effect on the children, the family environment of a child adopted by homosexual parents, the methods by which gay and lesbian parents gain a child, and the benefits of homosexuals adopting children. Although it seems to contradict society's view of the traditional family, homosexuals should be allowed to adopt because they deserve equal rights. Sexual orientation is not a reasonable determining factor in the qualifications of a parent.
             There is a growing number of the latter type of families and society is very split on whether these "families" are right and fit for raising children. When a gay couple sought to adopt a boy- who had leukemia, who had been neglected by his biological parents, had lived in five foster homes, and whose adoption was favored by his legal representative- the judge deemed it "not in the interest of a seven-year-old male child to be placed for adoption into the home of a pair of adult male homosexual lovers."(Utne 58) Three years of searching for a qualified heterosexual couple failed. This and many other similar cases have denied children a family by ignoring many qualified homosexuals.

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