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manifest destiny

            Manifest destiny was the Americans" will to expand into the western hemisphere. In 1898 the United States started this expansion by fighting and winning the Spanish-American war. Despite president William McKinley's reluctance to enter hostilities with Spain, the brief war helped establish a new direction for American foreign policy. Cuba's resistance to Spain's rule had brought the European power close to American shores. Which posed a significant threat to the interests defined in the Monroe doctrine.
             The actual change in foreign policy was to assist small neighboring countries gain independence and in tern become our allies. It also kept foreign powers from American shores. (England and Spain) Because of the new found strength in American foreign policy. A few years later, England requested the aid of the United States in order to keep Germany at bay. .
             The untied states assisted England during world war one. After the war, the allies refused to repay their war debt to the United States. Especially during the time of the depression when the united states need it most. Therefore the United States was reluctant to get involved in any world affair and stated down the path of isolationism once again. However, The allies requested US assistance as Germany built up for another world war. At that time President Roosevelt pressed for the United States involvement because he felt that World lawlessness was spreading. The United States needed to resurrect internationalism to protect the independence of the European nations for its own interests. .
             Optional question number 1.
             The containment doctrine stated that we needed to be vigilant against the spread of commuisum. In the 1960's North Vietnam was controlled by a communist government, this government invaded South Vietnam. The united states became invoved in the Vietnam war in order to stop the spread of communism and keep it contained. Withouth this contiament the though was the communists would begin to spread throughout south east asia.

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