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911 Event

            "September 11, 2001, one of the darkest days, in U. history, terrorists staged a devastating attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon (Internet, CBS.COM).".
             That day, as people sat in front of their television sets across the nation, appalled by the sites their eyes had witnessed, they could not help, but become captivated in their own living rooms. Viewers watched live footage as two planes crashed through the World Trade Center in New York City. The images that swept across our screens were almost too surreal to believe. In this essay, I am going to describe the image that will eventually become documented in our U.S history books, and I will explain the effects it had on me.
             It was shown on every local, network, and international station across America's nation; it was a Boeing 767 airplane crashing into the second building of the World Trade Center. That morning I viewed the live coverage on a CBS station. It seemed to be like any other morning in New York City. The lighting of the image was bright and colorful, yet that instantly changed when my immediate attention focused on a disturbing image which revealed the south tower of the World Trade Center engulfed in billows of smoke. The lighting instantaneously switched from a bright and colorful image, to a gray and dreary image. Then, eighteen minutes later, I became distracted by another plane flying in the air. The cameraman panned over to the left side of the north building, and shot a close-up of a plane heading straight towards the second tower. This event caused a huge explosion, now filling the skies with excessive amounts of smoke above Manhattan New York. New Yorker's were stricken with horror, and me, overwhelmed with disbelief.
             When I first viewed the footage, my effects on the image were torn between confusion of surrealism and realism. My psyche construed the image as a science fiction movie, rather than actual terrorism acts on the East Coast of our country.

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