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The Target Corp.

             Like any other business, the Target Corporation has a history and takes the necessary steps to making profit. In conjunction with math the corporation uses all the resources available to it to generate the success that it has come about. .
             Dayton's department store was the biggest store in town. It was the most luxurious and was very confident in satisfying the demands of the people during that time. In 1961 there was a high demand for a store that made shopping more convenient and also had discount prices. Target was the first retail store to offer the public brand-name products at discounted prices. The first Target store opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962. By the 1970's, Target stores became equipped with electronic cash registers to make business easier. These new cash registers which were place in strategic locations throughout the store helped monitor inventory and provide faster service for the guests of the stores. Years later, to increase convenience, electronic scanning was added, in .
             the 1980's. It wasn't until the 1990's that the first Super Target opened up. The Super Target combined .
             groceries with other services available to the consumer. In addition to this new opening, The Target Guest Card was introduced. Target was the first store introduced a store-brand credit card. The Internet made the relationship with the company and its consumers stronger. They now use the Internet as a way to improve communication and to generate commerce with their business partners. As a result the Internet is allowing them to reduce costs of products and services. To add to the advancements of the stores themselves there were divisions that included Target, Mervyns's, and Marshall Fields and each store has its own store brand. There are other linked businesses to the Target Corporation. Examples of those businesses are Target Financial Services, Associated Merchandising Corporation, and Dayton's Commercial Interiors.

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