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Annoyingly Late

            Punctuality is one of the most admired characteristics I have of a person. It exhibits a person's honored qualities: reverence, accountability, and civility. I have low tolerance for those who are late. I feel unimportant and shuffled to the side when I am awaiting a person's overdue arrival. Tardiness is one of the most annoying characteristics I have of a person. One of the most annoying situations in which a person could be late in is when you arrange to meet them somewhere. An example of this is when I attempted to go out with Greg. Ten minutes after the time we agreed to meet only one question pervaded my mind, Where was he? The movie was going to start in five minutes. I wondered if he was even coming, but he was the one who arranged the time and place. What if I went to the wrong movie theater, no I was sure he had said Route Six. I started to get annoyed; the movie had begun. Where was he? Questions and worries filtrated throughout my mind. Should I go inside the t!.
             heater? Maybe he got there really early and he went inside. No, he would have came out and looked for me, right? Well maybe I decided, I would buy my ticket and go inside and look anyway. But, what if he wasn't inside, should I buy him a ticket as well just in case they became sold out. I was really annoyed then; the previews were almost over. I hoped he was all right. Maybe something horrible had happened. Maybe he had gotten into a car accident or was sick. I"ll wait a few more minutes I thought, just until I finish my soda. Where was he?! "Hi, sorry I"m late. I guess I just lost track of time." What? I thought to myself, I just waited for this guy for twenty - six minutes because, he guesses he just lost track of the time. We missed the movie and a potentially good time because this guy couldn't even bother to watch the clock. He apologized, said we should try it again, he"d really like to. I said no thanks Greg, you just hit a nerve, lateness is something I find extremely annoying.

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