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Authur Britt

            On July 3, 2002, I attended an art exhibit dedicated to the work of Authur Britt. The program was held in the Leon Loard Gallery. The exhibition focused on Britt's life and how he chose to become a painter. Authur Britt had this to say, "Art to me is data gathered and recorded of events, expressed in my own individual way. This I believe is the way art should be.".
             The purpose of this event was to show and give recognition to a promising African American artist who was good at his work. I believe that this attempt was carried out splendidly. The exhibit had a great representation of his works not to mention his life. But the paintings that really captured my eyes were the ones untitled. I feel Britt chose not to name some of his paintings because he wanted the audience to bring their own interpretation to the picture and not what he wanted them to think or see. But even though this was a great exhibit, it had some minor setbacks. For one, there should have been programs so that visitors would know what we were seeing in detail. Two, there should have been announcements, posters, or flyers posted around town so that the public would know about this art display.
             This exhibit shows great relation to what we discussed in Humanities about black art and black culture. I"m one of those skeptics who believe that if the artist is black, the art itself is black, not because of the color but the passion put into it. I say this because black people see things differently from other cultures. When we choose to put our thoughts on paper, canvas, or sheet music, it becomes a representation of what we feel; therefore, it becomes black art.

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