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Barbie Doll

             For ages women everywhere had struggled to become the perfect woman. This struggle isn't the kind to help bring out the best in everyone; it creates problems, dissatisfactions, hate and other negativity. Everyone wants to be under God's good graces, to be perfect, but everyone is wrong in not realizing that to be "perfect" can never be attained. The author, being one of the few who notices, depicts this by discussing a tragic attempt to be perfect.
             At birth, everyone is innocent and ready to be mold. What becomes of the child fixedly depends on the environment she or he is in. One major impression on the child is constructed by stereotypes. They are passed around among fathers, sons, mothers daughters, so on and so fourth. Stereotypes could actually be in disguise, dressing as a family tradition, passing as a joke taken seriously, there is no end to what they could become. Why is it that girls are always given little pots and pans on Christmas and boys are always given cars and trucks? The answer lies in the past; all we know today is that it has been a tradition that has been practiced from as long as anyone could remember.
             The toys that the child received are to be considered as a training stage. It helps them to get used to what they are going to be dealing with the rest of their lives. But as time move forward, changes are bound to happen. When the Women's Suffrage occurred and more opportunities are opened to women, toys had to change as well. The Barbie Doll, which came out already, made sure to keep up with the time.
             When the Barbie Doll just came out, she immediately captured the hearts of her loyal fans. How could someone adore a plastic figurine? Maybe it was of her stunning beauty or her intelligent mind. Her idolization went on an unstoppable uprise while every girl's self esteem went plunging down. When more jobs and schooling became available to girls, Barbie only made things worst.

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