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Black Boy's Journey

            The novel "Black Boy," written by Richard Wright takes you back in the deep.
             south of Jackson, Mississippi where whites attempted to tame into submission blacks by.
             hard discipline. It seemed that the more Richard had gained in life, the more he was hurt. .
             Richard was alienated from his environment, even though he tried to distance himself.
             from the prejudice all around him, the white people still tried to turn him into the.
             stereotypical southern black person. Richard was always a rebel, from his boyhood to his.
             older teenage years. From the beginning he would not subdue below the white man.
             himself like the other black people around him did. The white people around him knew.
             that he was different from other black men. The people were scared because he.
             challenged the system that they had created for themselves as the super power. They.
             feared Richard, and some of the white people felt it necessary to act out their racist.
             feelings to order to cover up their fear.
             Their were many events in Richard Wright's life which may have shaped his.
             philosophy of his life. In the novel, the principal at Richard's school had asked Richard.
             to give a speech to a large audience of white and black students, Richard refused to read.
             the principal's prepared speech. By reading the principal's speech, Richard was saying.
             what the white power wanted him to say and to Richard this would be giving in to the.
             thing he hated so much. Richard was willing to leave school without a diploma instead.
             of this. White people alienated Richard from his environment because he did not accept.
             the way of life that other black people did. This even that occurred in his life, shaped his.
             philosophy on life, extremely, this told people that he would have his mind set on one.
             thing and concentrate on that, to achieve his goal, in other words he had a hard head and.
             no one could persuade or change his mind on something.
             A major conflict that stands out in my mind that Richard has faced was when he.

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