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English as the Offiial Language: Why Not?

            America is known for several symbolic bonds since its infancy, such as; Old Glory, the bald eagle, the Star Spangled Banner and the Declaration of Independence. Let's make English the next tradition. People in favor of making English the official language, such as U.S. Senator S.I. Hayakawa, argue that it will unite Americans, there would be fewer racial conflicts and government operations would be more streamlined. On the other hand, immigrants that are opposed to making English the official language argue that minorities would have difficulty accessing health care, law enforcement officials would have difficulty questioning people speaking different languages. They also argue that 94% of Americans already speak English so no legislation is necessary. As explained on the US-English website, "Declaring English the official language means that official government business at all levels must be conducted solely in English. This includes all public documents, records, legislation and regulations, as well as hearings, official ceremonies and public meetings."" This has not passed for the country as a whole, but twenty out of the fifty-one states have already adopted their own form of English as the official language laws. The basic requirements to become a United States Citizen are to have a green card which is a permanent residency card, to be over the age of 18, to be able to read, write and comprehend basic English, be of good moral character and to .
             believe and stand by the US Constitution. "In July 1993, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) conducted a U.S. citizenship swearing-in ceremony almost entirely in Spanish."" (INS, various news sources) If English is a requirement to obtain US Citizenship then what is the problem with making it the official language? Not only is Iit absurd, but it completely defies the purpose of testing whether or not a person shall become an American citizen.

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