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Demons Don't Dream by Piers Anthony

             The story begins in a small house when Dug, a young teenager, had a phone call from his friend ED. In the call he told him on his new idea of a bet. The bet is about a new computer game, if Dug will like these computers game his friend ED will go out with Dug's girlfriend but if not ED will give him his motorcycle.
             Dug accepted the bet because he knows that he does not like computers' games and he thinks they are very boring and he sure that he will win the bet.
             So Dug got the game he entered the CD-ROM into the computer and suddenly without Dug pressing anything, a little man figure appeared on the computer screen.
             The figure told him to choice a companion that will go with him to anywhere in the game. Dug's choice was Nada-Naga a woman who is half women and half a snake and then the story begins.
             In the beginning of the game Dug and Nada-Naga meeting a woman who also playing the game and she is competing with Dug and Nada-Naga. .
             Nada-Naga told him that if he wants to win the game he must believe in this place who everyone calling it Xanth and he must believe in magic. This place is an unregullar world with unregular things in it. It has fruits that are bombs and flowers that can give butter, trees who can catch you and kill you, water that you can see another places in it and more fascinating places.
             At last when Dug does believe in magic and the world of Xanth he gets into the game and becomes a regular person in an unregular world. Its means that he is in the game and not playing it faces to the computer.
             Nada-Naga and Dug are facing allot of adventure. Like at first, when they got into some ship who smokes allot, the people in the city near the ship asked them to shut off the smoke. Then Dug and Nada-Naga needed to go to the most powerful sosorer in Xanth to bring a Special mix to shut-down the smoke. After they did it all the people and helped Dug And Nada-Naga to continue solving the game and win it before the other girl could win it.

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