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             Are you one of the people that are afraid of Death? There are many people who are afraid of Death, and there are those who bid no fear to Death. Whether you are afraid of death or not, it is something that you cannot control, and ultimately, you will have to face it. In the two passages "Death be not Proud" and "The Death of Ivan Illych," both Leo Tolstoy and John Donne use various literally techniques in order to show their dissimilar attitudes towards death.
             In selection one the writer is challenging death. He shows no fear whatsoever. On the contrary, he even looks down upon it. Donne gives us the impression of Death being inferior. Death is dishonored and given an impression of a being homeless and poor. In "Death be not Proud," by John Donne, Death is even being pitied. Donne claims that death has no power over him or anybody else for that matter. The tone is daring and he seems to challenge death. "Mighty and dreadful, for thou are not so" (line 2) This person is obviously fearless and confident about what he is saying about death. He is eagerly waiting for death to arrive. You can tell that this he is unafraid of death in line 4: "Die not, poor Death, nor yet canst thou kill me." He claims that death should not be feared and shows no respect to it, because he thinks that death is nothing but a slave to fate. When he says "Death be not proud" and that shows he is not afraid to stand up to death and shout at it. John says tha!.
             t death is a form of sleep that can be achieved with (line 11) "And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well." The tone of John seems to me to be of a priest or a strong believer. He is trying to convince people that death should not be feared and enlighten them that this is not the end in quote" Death, be not proud, though some have called thee." .
             In the composition of Leo Tolstoy however "The Death of Ivan Illych" the main character fears death, he is desperate and depressed, unwilling to believe that the death is approaching.

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