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Of Mice and Men Essay

             Many authors today have developed their own writing styles that differentiate one author from another. In John Steinbeck's novel, "Of Mice and Men," there are certain writing techniques incorporated in his novel that give his writing originality. These writing techniques are established throughout the novel and create a more interesting setup for the story. In "Of Mice and Men," the use of parallelism and foreshadowing are writing techniques that are implemented in the story.
             Throughout the novel, George and Lennie encounter many events that foreshadow future events in the story. In the beginning of the story, we learn that Lennie likes to touch soft things. Lennie would carry mice in his pocket and pet them as they traveled. We also learn that Lennie would accidentally kill the mice by breaking their necks if he was frightened or angered. Later on the ranch, Lennie receives a pet dog from slim. Lennie is obsessed with his new puppy and goes to pet it every chance he gets. Lennie eventually ends up breaking its neck because the puppy tried to bite him like the mice did showing the use of foreshadowing in the novel. This even also foreshadows another important in the story. As Curley's wife lets Lennie touch her hair she gets frightened because he won"t let go. Lennie is frightened and angered because he thinks that she will get him in trouble with George. As Lennie struggles with her to calm down he snaps her neck.
             Another key writing technique that is implemented in this novel is the use of parallelism. When Candy finally agrees to let his dog get killed he lets Carlson do it for him. Carlson takes Candy's dog out and shoots it in the back of the head where it feels no pain. Later in the story Candy admits to George that he should of shot his dog himself and not let a stranger do it. At the end of the novel when Lennie is being hunted, George finds Lennie first. Instead of having Curly shoot Lennie, he shoots him himself.

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