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Ernest Hemingway

            There are many connections between Ernest Hemingway's life and his literary works, starting with his short stories all the way up to his most famous novels. The Nick Adams stories are short stories that tell the story of Ernest Hemingway's life. These stories consist of many things, from camping with his father, to witnessing his first birth and death. Also they include Hemingway being out on the battlefield during World War I. The Nick Adams stories sum up his life and how he lived it.
             Hemingway's family was fairly normal. Hemingway's mother, Grace Hall, tried to civilize her children. This is probably the reason why she wanted Ernest to become a musician. On the other hand, his father exposed the boys to more masculine things like hunting, fishing, and living in the woods. Hemingway's father, Clarence Edmond, was a physician. This may be the reason he tried to convince Ernest into studying medicine.
             Hemingway was a man of many contradictions and of a very long-winded nature. He worked as a reported for the Kansas City Star. In 1918 during World War I, he served as a Red Cross Volunteer in Italy as an ambulance driver and canteen deliver. While driving an ambulance one-day he was seriously wounded. This suggests why his writing emphasized physical and psychological violence and a need for courage. Hemingway was very good at identifying with the common people and capturing them in their speech patterns. This is sought to be the reason why in 1921, he went to Paris. While there he met a group of American authors and became a principle spokesman for a group of disillusioned young writers called the "Lost Generation". In 1927 when Hemingway returned to the United States, he married Pauline Pfeiffer, mother of his two younger sons. He divorced her in 1940 and married the writer, Martha Gellhorn.
             Hemingway wrote a series of short stories called the Nick Adams stories. These stories were written about Hemingway's life.

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