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            SUBJECT: Recruitment for expansion in Germany.
             In preparing for the upcoming staff development/training sessions to recruit successful candidates for the new operation in Germany, I have focused on Germany's social structure. This report will discuss some highlights from their social structure, which have the potential to attract such candidates.
             1. Most of the workforce is dominated by the service-sector. With its capitalist market system, Germany possesses the world's third most powerful economy, although the unemployment rate of 11.4 percent is high (Tatsachen uber Deutschland).
             RATIONALE: C & C Industries is a service-oriented company, which stands to capitalize Germany's predominant service-sector market. For employees considering a transfer, job stability is highly favorable. Any additional employees hired that reside in Germany should be highly qualified given the large selection pool available. Therefore, a stable business operation, an available market of growth, and a productive staff would stimulate many opportunities for advancement within the company.
             2. A 99 percent literacy rate makes clear that education is a strong social value within the German society (Germany Online). Schooling is mandatory until the age of eighteen and at fifteen years of age, students choose among a variety of higher education consisting of technical colleges, advanced vocational schools, and universities (Microsoft Encarta). .
             RATIONALE: Clearly, education is a strong social value within the German society. This indicates that staff recruited from the United States will have an opportunity to work with German workers who are well-educated and responsive to educational incentives. With this in mind, the venue in developing educational incentives is strong and will benefit all employees.
             3. The quality of medical care in Germany is usually excellent. About 90 percent of the population are covered by comprehensive compulsive insurance for sickness, accidents, disability, long-term care, and retirement (IMF).

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