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             In understanding how Germany operates politically, economically, and socially it must be first understood that Germanys foundation first begins from a family. The family is the root of new beginnings and old traditions, which enables the country of Germany to form because of varies people that all started from a form of family life. The German family life can be of two parents and children or basically just people living together. Like the United States of America, Germanys men were also the head of the household but as economics boomed more women began to enter the work force. Once women have become finically stable enough she may feel that she can live a single life and even raise a child on her own, once again much like the USA. When asking a man by the name of Thom Snyder who has a German background of what he knows about the German family he implies "discipline is key in raising children." The German people value their family, friendships, and leisure time much more than they value their long workweeks. A numerous amount of Germans volunteer to do work in churches, hospices, and fire units and about half of the German population is a member of a club, usually a sports club. Germans definitely find spending time with their nuclear family important do to a 51 percent statistic in a German Newsletter that 3000 Germans took part in. The newsletter also points out that among young people they value obedience and good manners, which relate to how their family has brought up their children by what they value (Family Life). .
             Extended Family .
             The people of Germany do not have the perfect "Leave it to Beaver" family life like the famous sitcom but rather they encounter divorces much like the United States. Unfortunately the family isn't just harmony and love but rather in the recent years the number of divorces have risen from 1993's 751,000 divorces. Divorces are not a pretty sight to any degree especially if there are children involved in the dissolving of the parents wedding vowels.

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