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Germany At Fault

             The Great War as historians call world war one, was it though? World war one claimed 37, 508, 686 casualties all because of Germany's greed. When Germany signed the treaty of Versailles, they took full responsibility for their actions and causes during world war one. Germany was at fault for the world war due to corrupt political leaders, attack on France as well as Russia and use of chemical warfare.
             Germany was a strong and powerful nation due to its military and political leaders that drove them towards superiority. Germany had many leaders throughout world war one, such as Kaiser Wilhelm II who led Germany from 1888 through till1918. All of the German leaders believed that long battle of bloodshed lead nowhere, quick short battles lead to victory. Helmuth Von Moltke, was one of Germany's important military leaders by convincing the recruits to accept his point of view on the Schlieffen plan. He also convinced Kaiser Wilhelm II to go forth with the Schlieffen plan, which he had failed to execute by giving false orders. One of Helmuth Von Moltke's famous slogans were "Sieg zum Großen Krieg-, which meant Victory to Great War. Unfortunately Germany lost the war they pursued.
             Germany was desperate in the war that they had to resort to chemical warfare, using chlorine gas as well as mustard gas. Chemical warfare was opposed by both alliances during the war. The German army was the first to use "chlorine gas- against the French military and Algerian troops defending the north of Ypres. In April of 1915, the German army launched the chlorine gas over to the allied front line, the French as well as the Algerian troops fled in terror. This left a seven-kilometer. Further on in 1917 the Germans again were ready to show the allies something new and remarkable. The German army had been provided with "mustard gas-, this was the most effective chemical weapon of world war one. The mustard gas was almost undetectable except for its mustard stench.

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