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The Allies

            The Allies played a strategic role in WW1 in the overthrow of germanyand it's alliances. The Allies also played a major role in the cause of the second World War. The Allies had a serious hate for Germany because they felt as though the cause of WW1 was purely Germany's fault. Due to these accusationsand beliefs, France, Great Britain, and Italy all felt as though they deserved the harshest of punishment. .
             The terms of the treaty were very harsh, but had been somewhat eased by the U.S. representative, Woodrow Wilson. The terms of the treaty, such as Germany cannot produce weapons, not even for security, Certain parts of Germany were completely demiliterized, and that Germany was to maintain a small army and/or navy were some of the more meaningful punishments. Along with those also came no association with Austria, a loss of all colonies for Germany, the Bill of Marks Reparation, anf the war guilt clause. IN a way, the Allies created another war without even realizing it. .
             The Allies had punished Germany, Austria, and other allies of these countries so harshly that they began to rebel. Germany, nor Austria were too fond of these strict rules and regulations that were placed on them. This gave Germany not a reason to obey, but to rebel to the extreme for the punishmentsand terms that they were required to follow. The Allies set up a stage for a following war that Wilson had fought so hard to avoid.

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