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Congress and the Presidency

            President Clinton's administration is eager to win greater access to China's huge market. It certainly is no small task to win the support of the people and the approval of Congress for China's entry into the World Trade Organization. The conservatives would be certain to object to any dealings with China and the liberals would say the trade pact would be bad for our workers. An intense campaign had to be carefully prepared by the President and his administration to achieve its goal.
             Congress is being called upon to vote whether the United States should permanently grant China normal trading privileges. Since 1974, Congress has had to annually vote on whether to retain a normal trading relationship with China.
             China hd previously been granted a one-year extension of favorable trading terms earlier. However, given the relationship between the United States and China on critical issues, neither the supporters or the opponents of this issue are confident in the outcome of this proposal.
             China is infested with a policy of human rights abuses, the spread of nuclear and conventional arms, and a lack of concern for environmental protections. These issues are particularly sensitive to the American people.
             "It's going to take an awful lot of work," said Representative David Dreier, a California Republican who is chairman of the House Rules Committee, and in support of bringing China into the trade group.
             To fully understand the gravity of Mr. Dreier's statement and the amount of work that the President and his administration must accomplish, you must first have an understanding of the structure and the role our legislative branch of government takes, and how it directly impacts on President Clinton's proposal to win greater access to China's economic market.
             One of the most striking aspects of the American system of government is that it divides its power among those having authority over the nation.

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