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Goodwill Industries

             The company is called the Goodwill Industries. It serves the community vintage clothing at low cost, as well as kitchen items, furniture and books. The Texas Goodwill invented the new marketing strategy that brought together its consumers, while at the same time, uniting service and operations.
             The trend of vintage clothing was gaining popularity around 1991; during this time the Texas Goodwill grabbed the chance to change the negative image of thrift stores. Many believed second hand shops were for poor people or that the idea of wearing something used was unbecoming. However, the new fashion featured baggy pants, faded and ripped jeans that expressed the "grunge" look or an "urban" style. These clothes could be found in the thrift stores and at a low cost. People started to have a new attitude towards Goodwill organizations.
             The Goodwill Company wanted to change its image and reinvent itself. Through research, new graphic design and reaching out to the public, the new Goodwill emerged and accomplished the goal at hand.
             The information necessary to meet the Goodwill's objectives was first; find out their customer profiles. The company's officials did just that finding:.
             Most customers were between the ages of eighteen and forty-nine. .
             Fifty-seven percent were of European decent, twenty-one percent were Hispanic, and nineteen percent were African American.
             The most popular items purchased were women's clothing and more than half shopped for other articles besides clothes.
             Costumers also shopped at similar establishments such as: Salvation Army and Saint Vincent de Paul and visited garage sales.
             Visits to the Goodwill stores were on an average of once a week for the regular shoppers.
             Word of mouth and newspapers were the leading source of consumer information.
             People came from various areas to shop at the Goodwill.
             Majority of shoppers were female.

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