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Short Story Comparison (Hantu Tetek and Cik Jamilah)

            Title : A Hantu Tetek Story & Cik Jamilah.
             The two stories are about the Malay community living in Malaysia or Singapore. Both stories written by a teenage Malay writer. Both stories are very short story and easy to read and understand. .
             The Hantu Tetek Story is about the fiction ghost in Malay community, which was told to children to avoid them from stay outside the house after dark. The story is about Sarimah flashback of her childhood. Hantu tetek is the main character in the story with very details description presented by the writer about it. Writer describes the Hantu Tetek with a big breast and nipples, which used to crash the head of children by squeezing between her breasts until the nipples become united. Setting of the story took place mainly in the Malay village except at the beginning and the end of the story, which is at the Hospital. This story reach it climax when the Hantu Tetek use her breasts to crash children head by squeezing it between her breasts. The story was written in third person point of view. Limited omniscient point of view. .
             Even though I think this is not a good story, The Hantu Tetek Story does have a few good themes. One of it is about the City vs. Village life. I say this because Sarimah does make a comparison between her childhood life al Village and her current life in the City. It shows in the story when Sarimah who use to live in the Village and her parents believe in the ghost story, went to Hospital for modern medical treatment when she become an adult. This story has an open ending. .
             Differ from "The Hantu Tetek Story", "Cik Jamilah" is about the real life story. It has no flashback and not a fiction story. It is about the schoolgirl life in a day. About her teachers, friends, school and many things happened in school. Setting of the story took place at the school and small part in the Cik Jamilah car and the girl house. It is happened in a modern life, which is the same as The Hantu Tetek Story.

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