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How To Change A Computer Battery

            How to Change the battery in a Computer.
             In order to change the battery on a handheld device, such as a Game boy, you must open a flap designated especially for the batteries. This is not true for computers; the flap which opens holds much more then just batteries. .
             The metal protecting the vital organs of a computer is called a case. The computer has openings in the front of the case called panels, which will hold disk drive bays. It is impossible to go through the panels of the drives to change the battery. Instead, you must open the case, exposing all the internal "guts" of the computer. Before all this switching occurs, you must purchase a 9-volt lithium battery, which has a semiconductor attachment specifically designed for the motherboard, or main circuit board, that you have. The motherboard holds many things vital to the computer, one of them being the battery. .
             Now the hand on fun comes. To get to the motherboard, you must open the case. When opening the case, you must always detach the computer from its main power supply. The main power supply is the thin black cord located on the upper right hand corner on the back of the case. Once the power supply is inactivated, you must undo the latch on the side of the case to open it. Whenever you touch the organs of the computer you must stay grounded. There are many ways to ground yourself. For example, you may attain a wristband, which will attach on one end to your wrist and on the other to a metal object. The other way to insure that you do not cause unnecessary electrical erosion from static electricity is to touch another grounded metal object every five minutes. Once the case is open and you are grounded, now it is time to perform the surgery. .
             On most mobo's, or motherboards, the lithium battery is on the lower left corner. It is silver and approximately the size of a quarter. You may have to shift a few disorganized wires in order to get closer to the battery.

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