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Computers and the Four-Layer Model

             A normal person nowadays uses the computer almost everyday, but no one is really aware of what is happening inside the actual machine. This essay will cover the 4 layer model and help people understand the four elements to a computer, which are the: Hardware, Software, Network and People- shown on the picture below.
             There are 6 main components inside a normal computer, which are the: CPU, Motherboard, RAM, HDD, Power Supply and Case. Each component has a significant part to itself, and without these 6 components the computer would not be able to run properly. CPU is an abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. It is known as the main source of the computer. It is one of the most important elements in the computer. The CPU is a small and square 5cmx5cm green chip, which is located somewhere on the motherboard and pinned down into the CPU socket. The CPU executes the instruction and datas that is given by the software and it's results would be sent to components all around the computer. Without the CPU, the computer would not be able to receive any instructions so it will not be able to function properly.
             HDD is the abbreviation Hard Disk Drive. The HDD is used for storing and retrieving datas to the computer. The HDD is magnificently slow compared the RAM, reason to this is the HDD stores all the information. It organises the datas and directs it to the RAM, after it gets to RAM the speed of the process will shoot up. The HDD contains platers(disc-like plates) that stores variety of datas, depending on the computer there may be more than one platters. These platters are phenomenally delicate, it must not be exposed to any the open air or else it would be permanently damaged. Which is why these platters were made in clean rooms. The HDD retrieves the datas is when the platters are spinning, there will be head swiping back and forth trying to meet the data. The head has a wait time and a seek time, as it swipes back and forth the head must wait for the platters to spin around and until it gets to the meeting point.

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