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International Intervention

             In past history America has grown and developed into a premier superpower. America has formed a governmental system that fits the needs of everyone. Long ago America's governmental system became so stable that we could focus some attention on smaller troubling nations. In some cases America felt it was necessary to force politically struggling third-world countries to take on American beliefs and values. This method hasn't been very successful. International intervention is not good for the world, it's a form of arrogance and it oppresses other nations. However international intervention is mandated for self-interest and world interest. Rather than forcing foreign nations to believe in American principles, we should provide economic and financial aid so they can work out there problems on their own.
             On the other hand, if a nation becomes a global threat, such as the situation in Afghanistan, it is our responsibility to come in with military power and settle the situation. A nation that threatens lives has to be stopped. Overpowered rulers are usually the cause of these types of nations. One person cannot make decisions for an entire country. America must reshape these types of governments to protect the world from further destruction. There is no place for nations that think they have the right to kill people to prove their point. Solutions can be found without the loss of lives. Once America has successfully set up a framework for a politically struggling country, we can return home and let a native governing body take over and form a society that best fits that nation and one that doesn't threaten others.
             International intervention puts a great danger on the United States and the world. Foreign intervention is culturally oppressive. America can't abuse its authority. Forcing foreign nations to believe in American principles is contrary to world interest and thus is contrary to U.

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