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Time Travel

            Have you ever wondered if time travel will ever be possible? Well as you will find out, time travel may by much more practical than you thought. .
             To understand the principal of time travel, you must know what time, itself is first. Time, as we know it, is known as the fourth dimension to our universe with the others being up down, right left, and backward-forward. When traveling anywhere in our universe, time slows as an object reaches the speed of light, according to Einstein's theory of special relativity. This makes scientists believe that if we could somehow travel faster than the speed of light, that we can travel backward and forward in time. In fact, all of us have already experienced teeny bits of time travel many times in our lives. If you think about it, while traveling in a car, train, or plane, you reach speeds that get closer to the speed of light, which means that we have already actually traveled into the future, but in an incredibly small way.
             If you and a friend were to set your watches at exactly the same time, then one of you goes on space shuttle, once to person in the shuttle reaches his/hers highest speed, the watch would be a few minutes ahead of the other. This is because the shuttle sped up to a speed much closer to the speed of light than the person still on earth. .
             Another concept of time is known as the space-time continuum. This means that any event in out universe must involve both space and time. .
             We do, however, have other means of time travel that may be more practical. The first method would be to travel through black and white holes. A black hole "sucks up" matter from space, and when connected to a white hole, any object that went into the black hole is spit back out into space, because a white hole "spits out" matter that a black hole took in. It is important, though, that they be connected or you will die when going into the black hole.

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