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How to Travel with Efficiency

            Over my years of playing travel hockey and lacrosse, I have had the opportunity to visit much of America. For the most part, when we've played an out-of-state game, we've traveled to our destination by plane. Needless to say, I have a stockpile of "frequent flier miles." So, from my experience in air travel, I'd like to share some helpful tips that can make your flights more enjoyable. .
             Traveling long distances by any mode of transportation can be stressful. It's a lot of work to make the necessary plans required to actually arrive at your destination. Efficiently packing your luggage isn't difficult, and it will make the process of traveling much easier. The best way to begin packing is to have a checklist of all the essentials you'll need on the trip. Packing clothes you want to make sure meet all the different types of clothes. Diversifying your clothes shortens your chance of forgetting certain outfits or being unprepared in a situation you wish you were ready for. Another tip is packing more than you were expecting to bring. This gives you a clearance that you have a variety and excess of clothes.
             Once you get to the airport you want to make sure you there at least a hour and a half before the flight. Being early makes leaves you time to make it through the security line with an acceptable amount of time before the flight. Being early to the line most of the time is just a breeze through but that's not always the situation. Stuck in the security line can be very frustrating with the amount of unprepared people. Having your ID and passport out and ready to go is also another tip that will smooth your process. Standing in the line you should know that all your electronic devices have to be separately placed through the scanner and not wait until last minute and hold up the line.
             After leaving the line of the unprepared you enter the airport where you can grab something to eat and prepare for the flight.

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