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Time Travel

            Many science-fiction stories have been based around the concept of time travel, a self explanatory .
             subject that we have all probably dreamed of since our youth. The power to roam over time unrestricted can allow .
             us to travel far into the past and see the births of eras that could answer the questions that have left us stupified .
             for ages, and travel far into the future to see the destiny that does await us. Whatever helpful uses can be thought .
             of for this also dangerous power are left as unattainable ideas--for now. Innovations in physics over the past 50 .
             years have kept bringing us closer to making time travel a reality, as theories and methods point towards solutions .
             and possibilities.
             The idea of traveling through time was not first thought of by a physicist, but by a philosopher. Ancient .
             Greek philosophy centered around the untouchable and mystical concept of time. In truth of analysis, most .
             philosophies and religions have concepts centered around time. It has been an eternal force that we still cannot .
             change, but always have wondered about. The philosopher and poet, Angelus Silesius, in the sixth century B.C. .
             wrote the following passage, telling us his thoughts that perhaps time isn't an absolute power so beyond us:.
             Time is of your own making;.
             its clock ticks in your head.
             The moment you stop thought.
             time too stops dead. .
             The idea of time travel was never given so much attention until 1895, with the debut of H.G. Wells' .
             incredible novel, The Time Machine. His popular book sold so well, and has sold so well over the past century, .
             that it has never gone out of print. Not many books a century old stay in print continuously. Even still the story is .
             popular enough that a few years ago a movie was made based on The Time Machine. When the book was written, .
             while the industrial revolution continued to dramatically change the world by creating machines that labor more .
             efficiently than humans, the idea of a time machine to travel through time was appealing.

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