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Jesus Christ

            "No money can buy the truly important things in life, like love, friendship, harmony, peace, trust, understanding, and most importantly faith." -Jimi Hendrix.
             And most importantly faith Jesus rescues everyone who has faith in him. "He alone is my rock and my Salvation"(Psalms, 62:2). To truly give yourself to Christ, the lord, you must first come to terms with the fact that you"re not in control of your own life. For most people this is hard to do, especially, if you have never faced life-shattering times. Usually, it takes suffering or utter despair for people to that realize they are not in control of their life and to come to faith. For me, ironically, all it took was a sarcastic remark .
             Prior to that life-altering night, I had been giving a lot of thought to where I was in my life. I had lost my drive to do a lot of things. I was not sure why but I knew something was missing. This had been a very hard year for my family and me. We lost our very close grandfather, who valiantly struggled for three years with cancer. Then soon after, we lost a very close and courageous family friend a New York City firefighter. Between those two events my outlook on life changed. I realized I had no control over my life, this scared me, and I started questioning what I was living for. Then Jesus made an appearance in my life .
             It was mid January and in Bible class you told us about your first encounter with the Holy Spirit. The story impacted me, for the rest of the day I wrestled with the idea that something like that could really happen. That night I went to World Gym at ten and worked out until the gym closed at eleven. As the gym was closing, I went upstairs and talked to my friend David. He owns a health-bar upstairs and is a source of wisdom. He strongly believes in the healing power of God's grace through faith. Similarly, his father passed away two weeks earlier, so we got too talking about death.

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