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The Death Of Jesus Christ

             The death of Jesus Christ was a sacrifice for the sins of mankind. We all seem to pigeon hold his death and resurrection as a fairytale told at church. The actual death of Jesus was a gruesome and torturous death. The Bible is not descriptive on the subject of his crucifixion and death, which has encouraged men to study and understand the suffering of Christ. Jesus of Nazareth underwent great emotional anguish before he was tried, flogged and was sentenced to death by crucifixion. The scourging he received produced lacerations and major blood loss. This took place before he was crucified at Golgotha, "which means The Place of the Skull" (Mark 15:22). His wrists and feet were nailed to the cross. His death was then finalized by the thrust of a spear into his side. .
             The suffering that Christ endured was extensive and gruesome.
             Jesus was born "in either 4 or 6 BC and died in 30 AD. During the Passover observance in 30 AD, the Last Supper would have been observed on a Thursday, April 6, and Jesus would have been crucified on Friday, April 7" (Edwards, 1455-56). Jesus first suffered great emotional, and mental anguish which lead to his sweat turning to blood, this is described in Luke 22: 44. This is a very rare phenomenon, "Bloody sweat (hematidrosis or hemohidrosis) may occur in highly emotional states or in persons with bleeding disorders. As a result of hemorrhage into the sweat glands, the skin becomes fragile and tender. Luke's description supports the diagnosis of hematidrosis rather than eccrine chromidrosis (brown or yellow-green sweat) or stigmatization (blood oozing from the palms or elsewhere) (Edwards, 1456). This was the begging of the suffering Christ was going to endure. After he was arrested he was tried. During his trials he was forced to walk more than 2.5 miles after a sleepless night (Edwards, 1456). He was then tried and sentenced to crucifixion. .
             Flogging or scourging was sentenced to most criminals when crucifixion was in order.

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