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Lincoln Vs. Kennedy

            Late presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln are always in the .
             top ten of America's favorite presidents. So what was the reason for their assassination? .
             Maybe society today does not have knowledge enough about the two late presidents to .
             judge them on how great they actually were. Is Lincoln really the "Great Emancipator", .
             was Kennedy really out to be the best he could be, or is that a big hoax to cover for .
             America's late presidents? After all, the president of the United States is supposed to .
             represent our country, their ability to make decisions, and our belief of right and wrong. .
             Is there really a good reason Lincoln and Kennedy were assassinated or was it really a .
             freak accident that was soon regretted by the assassins?.
             On February 12, 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin County Kentucky. .
             He later moved to Decatur Illinois. In contrast, John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, .
             1917 in Brookline Massachusetts. Lincoln went on to Princeton for his studies, married .
             at 33 to a girl of his age, ran for Legislature and won. Yet, Kennedy went to Harvard for .
             his studies, joined the Navy upon graduation, and married at 36 to a girl of only 24. Both .
             late presidents had children, but while Lincoln was a strict professional father, Kennedy .
             was the high class laid back dad. Lincoln, in personality, was an upstanding, never .
             unprofessional man, who only wanted to be taken seriously for his decisions. Kennedy, .
             on the other hand, wanted nothing more than to be the friendly man of the people, who .
             wanted to make decisions based on public opinion. During the Lincoln presidential .
             debates, Lincoln was the "truth teller", but little does the United States citizens know that .
             in the slave supporter states Lincoln agreed with slavery and said he would never .
             believe that the white were equal or insuperior to any other race. In states that disagreed .
             with slavery he said he would do all that he could to prohibit it.

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