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Jungian Theory

            Discuss the Jungian theory of personality. Explain what he meant by the collective unconscious and archetypes. Using a popular theme like the Star war's films describe the Jungian concepts you can uncover in the film.
             Carl Jung was a world-renowned psychologist who was and is probably best known for his theory about personality and behavior, which disagreed with the work of his friend Sigmund Freud. In Jung's theory he divides the psyche into three parts. The first is the ego, which can be define as "The central complex in the field of consciousness, the part of the mind that represents reason, good sense, and rational self-control: it mediates between id and superego." The ego goes hand in hand with the conscious mind. .
             Closely related is the second part of the psyche, the personal unconscious, which includes anything that is not presently conscious, but can be; and those items, thoughts, or memories that have been suppressed for some reason. Repressed memories of child abuse would be an example of personal unconscious.
             The third part of the psyche that Jung added is the part that makes his theory stand out from all others: the collective unconscious. Collective unconscious can be defined as "the universal memories and experiences of humankind, represented in the symbols, stories, and images " It is the collection of our experiences as a species, a kind of instinctual knowledge that we are all born with. We can never be directly conscious of it. The collective unconscious influences all of our experiences and behaviors, but we only know about it indirectly. An example of the collective unconscious would be the stories of near death experiences. It seems that many people, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, find that they have very similar recollections when they are brought back from a close encounter with death. They may speak of leaving their bodies, seeing their bodies and the events surrounding them clearly, or being pulled through a long tunnel towards a bright light, of seeing dec!.

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