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Kennedy-Nixon Debates

            In the Presidential Election of 1960 John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Richard.
             Milhouse Nixon were in a series of debates that were different from past.
             debates. The three biggest national television networks arranged for the.
             debate to be televised on all three stations. The Democratic candidate,.
             Senator Kennedy from Massachusetts, and Vice President Nixon both agreed.
             on the televised debates.
             Each debate was given a subject matter that the candidates agreed to.
             correspond their answers with the subject. The first debate was for the issues.
             concerning domestic questions, the second was centered around the area of.
             foreign policy, and the third and fourth debates were basically a repetition of.
             previous topics. During each debate four news representatives asked.
             questions to each candidate. .
             On September 26, 1960 the first debate took place in Chicago. The.
             moderator was Howard K. Smith, and his job was to introduce the candidates.
             and controlled the question and answer segments of the debates. He.
             instructed the candidates to give their 8 minute opening speech and their three.
             minute closing speech. The first introduced by Smith was Senator Kennedy.
             Kennedy's concept throughout his opening statement was that the.
             world would move in the same direction that the U.S. moved. That was in.
             regard to how the U.S. moved ahead toward freedom. He also stated that the.
             American people should be aware of the communists, Khrushchev in the.
             Soviet Union, the Chinese Communists, how they were on the move and.
             America had to counter and move towards freedom. Kennedy said that.
             America had to be a strong as possible to keep the world moving in the right.
             direction. Another point he made was the lack of American progression, and.
             the way we weren't utilizing our natural resources. "I believe in effective.
             governmental action. And I think that's the only way the United States is.
             going to maintain its freedom. It's the only way that we"re going to move.

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