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presidential debates

             Alan Schroeder is an assistant professor in the school of journalism at the Northeastern University in Boston. He was a former reporter, documentary filmmaker, and producer for television stations. He's also a three- time Emmy Award winner for "People Are Talking" on WBZ-TV.
             III. Presidential Debates: Forty Years of High-Risk TV concentrates on every presidential debate from 1960 to present. It starts off with the first presidential debate ever aired on television between Nixon and Kennedy, and then it goes on to talking about the strategies, pre-debate news conference and etc.
             IV. The author's central thesis is how much of presidential debates have changed from the first one to the present ones. He talks about everything that goes on in backstage of a debate. It gives the reader a complete backstage tour. For example, "In Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, Jacqueline Kennedy, six months pregnant with her second child, was hosting a debate watching party (Schroeder, 4)". This shows the reader how Kennedy's wife watched her husband's debate. It also shows how Nixon's wife chose to watch her husband's debate privately, where Mrs. Kennedy had about 30 guests invited to watch it. Another one could be technical problems, "tech checks have always had the potential to harrow (Schroeder, 160)". He talks about technical checks could run smoothly or they could "fall victim to the intensity of the moment (Schroeder, 160)". .
             V. I think Schroeder's thesis is presented sound. He backs up everything that he mentions in this book about all the debates he talks about, he also included many examples and quotations.

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