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Science review

             The article I have chosen to discuss today was found on New Scientist on-line .
             The article is titled "Earth's ozone depletion is finally slowing" and discusses results found from new research that confirms predictions that deterioration of the ozone layer surrounding the earth is slowing down and will soon start recovering. .
             I found this article to be relevant to our studies in Science, Technology and Society in that advanced modern technology was used to record the data necessary to draw these conclusions. NASA satellites and international ground stations were all used to measure sunlight that filtered through the atmosphere and thus scientists were able to calculate ozone levels. By having this kind of technology available through signals, wavelengths and computers, various societies have been able to work together for the common good of all men, as every soul on earth is affected by this research; and even the discovery of how societies around the globe were contributing to the initial depletion. Science is now enabling us to reverse what was once practise (use of CFC's) and now protect the ozone. (1987 Montreal Protocol and banning of CFC's - as explained in the article).
             It is also not hard to understand why such an article was chosen to be published for as many people to see as possible. The issue discussed within the article is one that affects every person that lives on the earth and is responsible for a variable in our quality of living. Something so important to so many people would be embraced when new and current information was available, especially if the new information was a positive step forward.

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