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            Although we have long- term memory we still tend to forget things from the past. Here are some theories why people tend to forget and secondly, what do researchers suggest about the accuracy and permanence of long-term memory.
             One of the first scientists to experiment the theory of forgetting is a British psychologist named Sir Frederic Bartlett. Bartlett proved that people tend to forget things if they hear something rather then reading it. He asked some people to read a story and then question them on it they read the story and they left out important topics in the story. Sometimes people tend not to forget things if the person was involved in a major event called flashbulb memory. .
             Long-term memory is not that accurate for example in eyewitness testimonies in federal cases people describes the person in 90 percent of some cases it had been false identification by one or more eyewitnesses. Long-term memory has so much information it has to be organized in groups. One way to organize them is in words, and in immense network or grids. .
             Those are some theories and some research of forgetting and of long-term memory by researchers.

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