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Martin Luther King Jr.

            Michael Luther King was born January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia to Alberta Williams King a schoolteacher and Pastor Martin Luther King. He was later renamed to Martin Luther King, Jr. King Jr.'s father was the pastor of Ebnezer Baptist Church, the church were his maternal grandfather founded. .
             King attended segregated public schools where he advanced in his education. King attended Morhouse College in Atlanta at the age of fifteen where he later received his bachelors degree in sociology in 1948. King broadened his education at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania where he received his bachelor degree with honors in Theology in 1951. King excelled his education in Theology and earned a doctoral degree from Boston University in 1955. King studied teachings on nonviolent protest of Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi at Morehouse, Crozer, and Boston University; King visited India and credited Gandhi on his techniques on his civil-rights success. Other ministers also influenced King. .
             King met his wife Coretta Scott King at Boston University they married in 1953, shortly after they moved to his wife hometown Montgomery, Alabama where they had four children Yolanda Denise, Martin Luther III, Dexter and Bernice. In 1954 King first pastored at Dexter Avenue Baptist church in Montgomery, Alabama.
             Martin Luther King Jr. is considered a great legend then and now for the civil rights movement. King open opportunities in America for all Americans not just African Americans. The birth of the civil rights movement began when an African American lady name Rosa Parks a member of the NAACP (National Advancement Association for Colored People), refused to give up her seat for a white passenger which was at the front of the bus. Ms. Parks refused to give up her seat that day because she was exhausted from a hard day's work. When Ms. Parks refused she was arrested and taken to jail; this produced the Montgomery bus boycott.

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