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Motherly Love According To The She-Devil

             Thesis Statement & Introductory page 1.
             We will define motherly love according to the She-Devil. We will also explore her actions feelings and reactions through out the tale. Based upon her actions we will investigate her motherly instinct to the death of her son, and how it ties in with human motherly instinct. .
             First, what is motherly love? Is it the instinct that females gain after having a child, or the natural intuition? Well maybe it is a combination of many things that only a mother can understand, realize and embrace. There are so many queries and yet so little answers on this subject. Some of which will never be answered. However, the story we will discuss is John Gardner's "Grendel". .
             The basis of story is the mother of Grendel, the She-Devil. The She-Devil enters as Grendel is killing and terrorizing Herot village and soon after the fight with Beowulf. With Grendel's Mother, the thanes feel little attack. We see the warriors settling down to sleep in Herot after the huge celebration of Beowulf's victory over Grendel. They seem unaware of the fact that Grendel has kin who may come to avenge his death.
             However, meanwhile Grendel's mother is rapidly approaching Herot to gain revenge for her son. In her anger she rushes into the hall and viciously grabs Aeschere, who is Hroathgar's closest friend. She also grabs her son's arm and rushes out with her prisoner. When it is discovered a man is dead, sorrow is renewed. There is no more joy at Heorot, now that the she-monster has sought "payment" for the death of her son. Yet since she and her son are monsters little sympathy is felt among the men. .
             For twelve long years Hrothgar's men were murdered. Beowulf put a stop to the madness when he killed Grendel. But no one has thought about Grendel's kin. When Grendel's mother seeks revenge, it is a different story. If it weren't for the fact that there are only two monsters in the mere, this blood feud could have gone on for ages.

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