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Multiple Sclerosis

             Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a lifetime chronic disease, found mostly in young adults. As of now there is no cure for multiple sclerosis. Scientist are researching MS for a cure. MS can affect a persons speech ability, walking ability and seeing ability. People with MS do have a normal life expectancy.
             There is no cure for MS, until recently steroids were the best medication for MS. While steroids cannot change the coarse of MS over time, they can reduce the duration of attacks in some patients. The FDA has just recently approved new drugs to help MS. The goals of therapy are threefold: to improve recovery from attacks and to prevent the number or reoccurrences to stop the disease progression.
             The prognosis of MS is still elusive. Most people with MS do have a normal life expectancy. The majority of MS patients are mildly affected, but in the worst cases of MS it can take away the persons ability to write, speak, or walk. Muscles relaxing drugs can also help the severity of MS.
             Scientists that are researching MS are looking into the body's autoimmune system, infectious agents, and genetics as culprits in MS. A study in these areas's gives strength to the theory of MS is a result of a number of factors rather than a single gene or other agent in the body. Studies have shown that MS had no effects on the course of pregnancy, labor, or delivery. .
             I think MS is a very bad disease. Its affects according to my dad can kill you over time. I would hate to loose my vision and ability to walk or write. Hopefully the scientists will find a cure for the disease soon so people don't have to suffer threw it. If I couldn't walk, write, or see good I really wouldn't want to live cause so many things you could have done before is now all gone.

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