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What You Should Know About Multiple Sclerosis

            Although the disease, Multiple Sclerosis, is not widely talked about or known, many people suffer from it. Not only do patients with M.S. have to suffer from the disease, but so do their families and friends. Patients who suffer from M.S., along with the people who care about them, should know what causes Multiple Sclerosis, what symptoms are associated with the disease, and what treatments are available.
             First of all, people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis should know what may have caused them to have this disease. Although scientists still do not know exactly what causes M.S. Some scientists believe that a virus causes the nerves to stop working properly, while some think it has to do with the climate. Many scientists also think that genetics play a part in M.S. Studies have shown that many patients with the disease also have relatives who have suffered from it. Maybe someday scientists will be able to tell exactly what does cause Multiple Sclerosis.
             Secondly, patients with Multiple Sclerosis should be aware of the symptoms they may experience. M.S. has several symptoms that can range from mild to severe. Many patients may begin experiencing mild to severe muscle aches in the early stages of the disease. Others may experience sever fatigue. As the disease progresses, patients may experience blurry vision, or even loss of their eye site. Patients with Multiple Sclerosis often end up in wheelchairs do to severely weak muscles, and many lose their ability to speak.
             Finally, people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis should be aware of the treatments that are available for them.
             In conclusion, Multiple Sclerosis is a terrible, painful disease that many people suffer from. Those who do suffer from the disease should know why they are suffering, what to expect as the disease progresses, and what kinds of treatments may help them. Many questions about Multiple Sclerosis are yet unanswered, but hopefully, they will all be answered in the near future.

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