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My Fashion

            In my lifetime I have worn many different types of styles ad well as participated in a few new fashion trends. Three styles I participated in were “dress codes”, “vintage/preppy”, and “designer clothing.” Some of the reasons for changing the way you dress have to do with your environment, surroundings, and the people whom which you associate with.
             When I was in sixth grade, I transferred to a private school. Our dress code consisted of a blue polo shirt and khaki pants or a white polo shirt and blue pants. We wore this clothing because it was what was expected of us. I didn’t like the style and thought it was rather boring, but I did it because my parents made me. I tried to find ways to make this dress code a little bit more unique. I would wear a blue belt with my khaki pants and hope that maybe I would stand out in a school of three hundred or so kids. Wearing the same thing in school eliminated the competition. The school didn’t want the kids to compete over who was wearing the nicer alfit so they made it the same. At this point in my life I wasn’t yet an individual. I went with the flow and tried not to be completely different than all the other kids. I didn’t have the confidence and security yet to do so. When you’re a kid you want to be life everybody else because you don’t want people to make fun of y!.
             ou, even if you feel different kids can be very mean. It’s hard to have meaningful self-exploration when you are young because you are just trying to fit in and that it hard enough. When you get a little older and more secure than you can begin the journey of self-discovery and make it show, in ways of clothes and hairstyle, etc. In a way I was always a little bit different than all of my friends. I knew that I would need to find a way to stick out, but I didn’t necessarily want it to be through clothing (at least not yet).

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