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Passive Vs. Assertive

            In life, one is faced with many decisions.
             One can make the right choice or the wrong one.
             However, in all cases of what decision one must make, the one factor .
             that is important is how they react to the problem. Reaction is key in .
             life. When faced with a dilemma, such as an argument with a friend, one .
             can either hold the problem in and be passive, or they could be .
             assertive and discuss how they are feeling. .
             When one gets into an argument with a friend, they have a decision to .
             make. This decision is usually decided on their personality. If one is .
             withdrawn and doesn't like confrontations, then they usually bite their .
             tongues and bury their feelings. This can be a good way of ending the .
             fight, but these repressed feelings can surface and sometimes even .
             explode later on in life. Someone who does not speak out their emotions .
             trains their body eventually to be void of passion. They can stunt .
             one's interactive skills. This is very unhealthy and it only solves .
             problems for a little while. The negative side effects are not only .
             mental. Repressed feelings can cause ulcers and extreme stress on the .
             If one is assertive, they usually vocalize exactly how they are .
             feeling. This can do one of two things for the quarrel. One, it can .
             make the argument worse by egging the other person on and causing more .
             of a problem, or two, it can help the argument by helping the two .
             people discuss the difficulty and find a way to solve it. People who .
             say how they are feeling are generally happier with themselves and they .
             know how to deal with stress. However, the downside of announcing every .
             feeling is that it can hurt someone else's feelings.
             Even though both ways of dealing with problems are generally .
             effective, the best way to deal with problems is to find a happy .
             medium. One can be selective about what they say in an argument. One .
             can hold back comments that would hurt the other person's feelings as .
             they attempt to reach a solution.

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