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Home Care Vs. Daycare

             It is seven-thirty in the morning and I am scrambling to get ________'s socks and shoes on while making sure _____ and _____ have brushed their teeth, packed their lunches, and found their jackets. They always try to sneak out to the car without their jackets hoping I won't notice. One of them inevitably whines, "But mom, it's almost summer!" Meanwhile, ________ has now come to the conclusion that no one cares about her and that any minute she"ll be dropped off at Joan's again and starts sobbing. She cries all the way to _____ and _____'s school and gets increasingly louder as they get out of the car, drawing the attention of the aid helping the kids unload who gives me an awful look adding to my already awful feeling. I get ________ to Joan's house and have to pry her off my leg as I assure her that I will be back soon and we only have to do this two days a week. This is a typical day in my life as a single parent.
             When working parents have to decide where to place their children for any extended period of time, they typically have two choices: to take them to someone's home or place them in a larger, more structured daycare. Although parents would rather stay home with their children as I would, childcare is necessary in this day and age with both parents working outside the home. I am currently going through a divorce and although I was hoping to stay at home with my youngest child, ________ until she entered grade school, I am now going back to school and need care for her two days a week. There are advantages and disadvantages to both home and daycare.
             Children may feel more comfortable in someone's home because it will remind them of their own home in that they"re getting more one on one attention from their caregiver. In contrast, in a larger daycare, it is easier for a child to get lost in the shuffle when several caregivers watch any number of children. For example, if a child is used to napping they may be more likely to get the rest they need in a quieter home atmosphere where there are less children on different schedules.

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