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Psychotherapy & Drug Therapy

             Psychotherapy is an interpersonal relationship involving two or more people in which the motives of the participants touch on scholarly, ethical, and curative issues. (Rychlak 1981).
             Roger's states that "Psychotherapy deals primarily with the organization and functioning of the self. There are many elements of experience, which the self cannot face, and cannot clearly perceive, because to face them or admit them would be inconsistent with and threatening to the current organization of the self." He also says that psychotherapy a "learning of self " and psychotherapy may be defined as the "alteration of human behavior through interpersonal relationship".
             A theory, in psychotherapy, is a little like looking through a camera with several different lenses. Depending on what lens you use, an image might be seen up close or from a wide angle. The image might be crisper or more diffuse. Most therapists choose one theory as the primary lens or point of view through which they view therapy and their patients.
             According to this therapy, our parents and our relationships with them are responsible for most of our troubles, albeit on an unconscious level. In psychodynamic therapy, the patient usually does a great deal of talking, known as psychoanalysis, while the therapist tries to help the patient become aware of connections between their relationship with their parents and their actions or motivations. Because this therapy assumes that people's motivations are basically unknown to them, or locked away in their unconscious, the therapist serves as a sort of psychological interpreter for the patient.
             One of the most popular and common therapies, Cognitive-behavioral has been tested and proven effectual for conditions such as depression. This therapy is a little more broad-based than psychodynamic. While it still believes most of our problems stem for childhood, it focuses on childhood socialization whether it be with parents or other significant people in our early lives.

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