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Marijuana Testing In Baseball

            Marijuana drug testing was scheduled to be added to the list of drugs to be tested for under the new mandate pitched during the much-publicized major league baseball discusses that passed a possible strike. Along with marijuana drug testing, the league requested drug tests for cocaine and ecstasy, but after the talks concluded, marijuana drug testing fell wayside. The only accepted drug test was steroid drug testing in baseball.
             Proper marijuana drug testing may have prevented recent embarrassing drug arrests and drug-related events. Scathing article after article was espoused upon the public, such as Yankees pitcher Jeff Weaver allegedly smoking pot (marijuana) and was also accused of sexual harassment on an airplane. Witnesses saw Weaver leave the team plane bathroom in a cloud of marijuana smoke. Marijuana metabolites (THC) were found in Darryl Kile's body after dying from a heart disease-related ailment, although why this was reported is unknown. Marijuana had nothing to do with Kile's unfortunate passing. Beyond controversial marijuana use or pot smoking, Mark Corey, a hot prospect for the Mets suffered a seizure after smoking marijuana. Both Weaver and Cory have since been traded, and likewise for Jeremy Giambi, who was arrested on marijuana possession. Could marijuana drug testing prevent these incidents? Maybe so.
             Drug testing for marijuana has been privately encouraged by baseball VIP execs who are concerned over marijuana drug use and the use of other drugs, such as Ecstasy. Rockie's GM, Dan O'Dowd, however, has been anything but private regarding marijuana drug testing, citing ".casual drug usage is maybe a little more prevalent," but added legit drug testing is needed for confirmation. The higher-ups in baseball are embarrassed by these and other high profile marijuana and drug incidents, even branded as "shameful and disgraceful" by high regarded dignitaries.
             In closing, reports suggest no one, including the media and baseball, will not know the extent of marijuana use by its athletes until marijuana drug testing is in place.

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