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Teaching Methods

            Teaching Methods and its affect on students.
             In today's society , teachers have many affects on students and their .
             surroundings. Teachers today have more of a willingness to educate students .
             to their highest degree. Some students consider teachers to be a " change in.
             life for them and others ". It seems to them that they have changed there life.
             for the better.
             Teachers are very highly regarded in higher grade levels rather than.
             teachers educating young students. In some cases teachers of higher learning.
             expect alot out of students that don't have that kind of higher learning yet.
             Samuelson believed that his political scientist teacher changed his life and his.
             way of learning.
             It is highly sought out that teachers today are being hated and disliked.
             and hated because of thier methods and how some over due thier way of .
             teaching. Thats why Samuelson believes that you get at the most, one teacher .
             that has great affect on you. In his essay " The Gift of a great teacher ", by .
             Robert Samuelson, thought that "learning in life occurs outside of the classroom".
             In higher grades, teachers often have a higher learning and a different style of .
             teaching than teachers educating young kids. Different teachers have affects on .
             students. Some change for the good and some change for the bad. Not everyone.
             is made for college or school period. Some teachers methods are questioned alot .
             from students. They either lecture you for 3 weeks straight and have an exam on .
             the first couple of chapters or have weekly exams. Their methods are always .
             to be questioned in any society because we as people expect every teacher to be .
             the same towards there methods and teaching. Teachers that go over and back for .

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