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The Constitution Of The USA

            The Constitution of the United States set forth the nation's fundamental.
             The youngest person that signed it was Jonathan Dayton, 26 years old and.
             the oldest was Benjamin Franklin which was 81 years old. The first delegate to.
             sign the Constitution out of thirty-nine was George Washington. It was signed.
             September 17,1787. Three months after it was signed, Delaware became the first.
             state to ratify it. The Constitution was made to help many people and colonies. It.
             lists the aims of the government and the methods of accomplishing them. It also.
             establishes the form of the national government and defines the rights and liberties. .
             It was written to organize a strong national government. It establishes and.
             exercises its authority directly over all citizens and established protection for the.
             rights of the states and of every individual. The Constitution helps the states work.
             together to solve national problems. It consists of a preamble, seven articles, and.
             twenty-seven amendments.
             The amendment are additions to the Constitution. The amendments protect.
             individuals from various unjust acts of government. Originally, the amendments.
             applied only to the federal government. But the 14th Amendment declares that no.
             state can deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. .
             The twenty-seven amendment may be proposed by two-thirds of each house of.
             Congress, or by a national convention called by Congress. Congress decides.
             which form of ratification should be used and how much time the states have to.
             consider each amendment. Each consideration last only for seven year period. .
             Each amendment was created to help civilians and our nations freedoms. James.
             Madison led the new Congress in proposing amendments. He suggested fifteen.
             amendments, and the Congress accepted twelve of them. By December 15, 1791,.
             enough states had approved ten of the twelve amendments to make them.
             permanent additions to the Constitution which are called the Bill of Rights.

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