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The Negative Side To Legalization Of Same Sex Marriages

            Legalization of same-sex marriages is a great idea and noble cause. Unfortunately due to preconceived notions about what marriage is by law makers and numerous religious groups it is doubtful that it will ever occur. I will be discussing the reasons why Proposition #69 cannot solve the problem and work as planned due to laws already in effect and laws being proposed to Congress currently. Also I will discuss the serious amount of violence which could occur, known as "Gay-Bashing", if there are open same-sex marriages permitted in the United States.
             Proposition #69 cannot solve the problem due to laws already proposed to Congress. The "Federal Marriage Amendment" was proposed in July of 2001. The idea for a marriage amendment was raised in 1988 by an alliance of conservative Christian groups. The alliance incldes a 45-member advisory board that has a strong religious tilt, including leaders of black denominations, an Episcopal bishop, several Roman Catholic officials, and representatives of Jewish and Muslim groups. The marriage amendment would withdraw from states the power to permit same-sex marriages even if 100% of the voters and legislators of some state wanted to allow it. A conservative supreme court will not "overturn current laws and put it into effect" with this amendment being backed by numerous religious groups. .
             Propositon #69 cannot work due to current laws already in effect. Due to the "Defense of Marriage Act" no state need recognize a same-sex marriage performed or sanctioned in another state. DOMA was written by Representative Steve Largent and defines the term marriage within federal law meaning "only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife." DOMA excuses the states of the "full faith and credit" clause of the constitution. DOMA is already in effect in 34 states, thus the country is already 75% of the way towards a national ban.

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