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The Sikh Temple

             It is early morning on Sunday, November 4, 2001. My family is getting ready to go to Gurdwara. As always I am warming up our Dodge Durango a few minutes before and honking to make them hurry up. Finally my mother and sister come; my brother of course has an excuse to stay home. It is a beautiful, clear and sunny day but chilly. Traffic is moving well as we get onto Grand Central Pkwy. There is a Sikh temple close to our home but my mother prefers to go to the one in Richmond Hill because there is more activity there. .
             As we arrive we find parking only a block away from the temple. We walk north towards 118th street and 95th avenue and start seeing people with different color turbans. Some are walking towards the temple and some walking away. As we turn right towards the entrance, there is "1869" carved in the corner of the building. On the left side before the entrance is a shelter with numbered shelves inside. There are three men, two wearing turbans and the other wearing a yellow bandana doing voluntary service of putting people's shoes in the shelves and giving out tokens.
             After taking off our shoes, we walk up the steps swarming through the crowd. On the left side, the hallway leads to the main hall. I stop in the hallway with other people to take a bandana from the racks and cover my head as my mother and sister proceed to the chapel. There are fluorescent signs with famous quotes from the holy text "Guru Granth Sahib" written along the hallway walls. At the end of the hallway, on the left side some people are getting change at the cashier's desk, which reminds me to take out a dollar bill from my wallet which I will give as donation when I pray. There is a line of people in front of me which turns right towards the chapel where Guru Granth Sahib, the Holy Text is kept in beautifully decorated clothes and special furniture made of gold. There are no benches to sit on. While in the line I observe men and women sitting on alternate sides from the line.

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