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The Telephone: A Revolution In Communication Technology

            Alexander Graham Bell once said, "The day is coming when telegraph wires will be laid onto houses just like water or gas-and friends will converse with each other without leaving home" (qtd. in Fitzgerald Studio paragraph 7). Before the telephone even existed, in an effort to help deaf children, Bell experimented with "a human ear and its attached bones, a tympanum, magnets, and smoked glass" (World Biography 129). This, in the summer of 1884, is where Bell accidentally came up with the theory of the telephone: "an electric current can be made to change intensity precisely as air density varies during sound production" (129). Bell and his assistants hard work paid off on March 10, 1876, when the first sentence was transmitted between Bell and his assistant which was "Watson, come here; I want you" (qtd. in 129). Man has always wanted to communicate from afar, and Bell's invention of the telephone did just that. The invention of the telephone revolutionized communication technology by improving interpersonal communications, aiding business interactions, and paving the way for future inventions.
             The invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell transformed communication technology by expanding interpersonal communications. On June 25, 1876 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bell demonstrated his new invention for the first time at the Centennial Exhibition. The telephone was the star attraction of this exhibition, and was where the telephone got some exposure (Fitzgerald Studio paragraph 3). The telephone exchange opened in 1878 in New Haven, Connecticut. At first, the telephone received great criticism. Many people felt that it would have no purpose. Despite this early criticism, the telephone became extremely popular exceptionally fast (Twedt paragraph 4). .
             Advertisements then came out for "cheap and instantaneous communication by direct sound" through "the speaking telephone of Alexander Graham Bell" flooded everywhere (Eber 49).

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