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Human is a Thinking Machine

             All livings collect the information around and transfer it to the life. They store, process and put it into action to survive. Humans come to a level of diversifying and transfering informatic systems and information commerce consciously with complex symbol systems. Ã"nformation technologies apperars not only with.
             Hardware evolution , it comes also as a element of the behaviours in softwares, social technology , political, cultural and aesthetics. Ã"t seen that important information becomes indespansible factor in individual and social life.
             Ã"n a short time the duty indutry which is related to telegraph messages and telephone contact.
             reaches the numeric data transfer technology including intercontinental by the development.
             in communication technologies , electronical circuits,networks and satellite connection.
             Materialistic property is not the only source of economical power anyway.
             The information which is transfered to the many social and physical activities leaning against the human sourced capital comes directly as a wellfare criteria.
             All these development justifys the the name information age' given to our age.
             The revolution through computer technologies and communication dedicates the globalization.
             of financial market , production and trade.
             The capitalist states give importancy to development of communication technologies for their.
             Models to be adobted.
             Multinational companies and basic endustry related national companies have the control of com devices by using their advertise and ownership forces.
             Mass culture is emposed to people with capitalism.
             Mass culture spreading with the mass com devices supports this.
             New com possibilities , which apperared with the development in the computer technologies,.
             Ã"s a product of togetherness of telecommunication and informatics.
             The companies that check out the new com medias have the priority of determining the process in one way despite the effective position of human.

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